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Sharp Aquos U SHV35 (Hàng loại A)

3,000,000₫ 6,800,000₫

Phiên bản thu gọn của Sharp SHV34 với cấu hình mạnh, pin cực khoẻ. Đây là phiên bản quốc tế được cho phép tại Au Kiddi shop.

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Product introduction


High-capacity 3,010 mAh battery and IGZO liquid crystal display ensure long battery life.

Long-lasting, worry-free use

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High-capacity 3,010 mAh battery and AQUOS power-saving technology

This smartphone features a high-capacity 3,010 mAh battery in a slim lightweight body, along with the IGZO liquid crystal display, which is a key eco-friendly power-saving technology incorporated into AQUOS products. With the use of power-saving technology that Sharp refined through the development of the Eco Waza function of previous models, there is no need to worry about battery life, even when using the default settings*.

  • * Battery life varies depending on the usage conditions and environment.

Power-saving technology of IGZO

IGZO liquid crystal display

IGZO liquid crystal display technology offers high resolution, exceptional clarity, high-precision touch sensitivity, and low power consumption.

  • * The IGZO liquid crystal display was designed for mass production through joint development with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

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Convenient power-saving function for when you forget to charge the battery

Power-saving switch image

Power-saving switch

This mode restricts some operations and functions* to extend the battery life while maintaining smartphone functionality as much as possible.

  • * Screen brightness, backlight illumination time, screen smoothness, CPU operation, auto sync, Wi-Fi®, location data, and Hikari Emotion are restricted.
  • * This function is set to OFF in the default settings.

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Provides excellent performance with superior comfort and high-speed communications.

Vivid color reproduction in fine detail

S-PureLED and sharpness enhancement function

The large 5.0-inch display incorporates S-PureLED technology, which achieves accurate color reproduction. You can use the new super-resolution image processing technology in the Album app to enhance the sharpness, for images that are crystal clear down to the finest detail.

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Equipped with the latest high-performance processor

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Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 617

The smartphone is equipped with the Snapdragon™ 617 processor. Using technology developed by Sharp to fine-tune processor operations, the heat output and power consumption are reduced while chip capabilities are improved, resulting in a higher level of performance.
In addition, the Adreno™ 405 GPU boasts high-performance graphics processing capabilities, boosting your enjoyment of content such as 3D games.

Automatic screen movement provides comfortable browsing

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Automatic scrolling

You can perform automatic scrolling when checking long vertical pages on the Web or on social networking sites. Scroll slowly to display the button, then remove your finger while it is positioned over the button to start automatic scrolling.

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Equipped with emopa, a talking AI that supports your emotional and physical health.

Talking AI provides helpful personalized information

EMOPA logo

emopa 4.0

The smartphone is equipped with emopa, an artificial intelligence that understands your lifestyle and provides timely spoken advice when you are at home*. emopa can also talk to you about maintaining your health and diet.

  • * When you are away from home, emopa can speak while you are using earphones.

Health care that keeps your interest

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emopa health care

emopa pays attention to your weight and the amount of walking that you do, and provides helpful expert advice*1 on topics such as your diet. Also, if you use a body composition monitor manufactured by Tanita Corporation*2, emopa can link to the measured data. You can also use the Karada Mate app to count your steps and manage your calorie consumption.

  • *1Based on information overseen by national registered dietitians and fitness trainers from Qualia, Inc.
  • *2Compatible with some Tanita Corporation models (RD-902, RD-903, RD-904, and RD-905) (as of April 2016).

Cherish the little memories

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Remember the places you visit together with emopa

emopa remembers the little things that you may be likely to forget, such as the northernmost point that you have visited. emopa can broaden your range of experiences by recommending new places to visit and suggesting other activities.

  • * Supported in Japan only.

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